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    Tai Chi is characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements.

Tai Chi for Health

Easy-To-Learn ~ Tai Chi is gentle movements practiced in a slow, continuous manner.  Tai Chi is defined as an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises (Merriam-Webster). In our classes here at the Opportunity House this art form is modified for those adults who are older and are looking to improve their balance and strength in a low impact and simple way. By using these movements adults show a marked improvement in flexability, balance and motion.Medical Research indicates Tai Chi is an excellent exercise that improves balance, strength, and flexibility; reduces stress; and manages symptoms of many chronic conditions.  Studies have shown up to 48% balance improvement, 15-20% gain in muscular strength! Wear supportive shoes and comfortable clothes.
Instructor: Jana Weed, Certified Instructor, Tai Chi For Health Institute
Info: janaeweed@hotmail.com
Meets Mondays, 9:30am
***This class will start up again after the winter holidays. Please check back in January for dates and prices.